Essential Gear for Safe Dirt Biking

A graduate of Creighton University, Andrew Komesu currently serves on the staff of the Drug Emporium in North Hollywood. Outside of work, Andrew Komesu enjoys motorcycling. Andrew Komesu considers himself a Harley Davidson fan and maintains passions for both street and dirt biking. The arenas of street and dirt remain rather different and individuals must understand the basic approaches to each to keep safe. Importantly, the gear that cyclists wear when dirt biking differs from that designed for street bikers due to the greater degree of uncertainty that comes with off-road conditions.

The most important piece of gear is the helmet, which should fit correctly and have at least a Department of Transportation (DOT) approval for off-road use. Off-road helmets offer full-face protection. Helmets with Snell ratings have undergone additional testing for maximum protection. Goggles are also essential, as they protect the eyes from dirt, sticks, and other debris. Dirt bikers must also purchase gloves designed for off-road use, which protect the hands from mud and ensure that the rider has a continuous grip on the bike’s controls. Over time, serious riders should invest in other equipment, such as boots, chest protectors, neck and knee braces, and off-road jerseys and pants.